CfM has participated in numerous collaborations and partnerships with other midwifery related organizations. We are so grateful for these opportunities to bring a consumer voice into these conversations and work. 


Recent Work:

2018 CPM Symposium: CfM was a convening partner along with NACPM, AME, and NAABB. Read more on our blog about the convening and consulting partners for the symposium.

Legislation and Policy Webinar Series: CfM served as a partner in a series of webinar's with NACPM and AME. 

MANA and CfM Joint Statement on Waterbirth: CfM served as a partner in reviewing and drafting the research to develop this joint statement. 

MANA Home Birth Data 2004-2009: Consumer Considerations By: Lauren Korfine, PhD.  A consumer take and perspective on this data 

MAMA Campaign: Coalition of NACPM, MANA, NARM, MEAC, ICTC (now NAABB) and CfM who worked to achieve federal recognition of CPMs in the Affordable Care Act. Work has continued post ACA under NACPM.